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How To Go To Kalanggaman Island

Here are some tips on how to go to Kalanggaman Island. The island is located in a small town of Palompon, Leyte. You can take the trips below:

  From Cebu
  • By Bus:
    • Ceres Bus bound for Manila via Maharlika Highway leaves Cebu North Bus Terminal every 8:00 am and arrives at Pulangbato Port in Bogo City at around 11:00am-12:00pm. From there, you can catch a Ro-Ro boat bound for Palompon.
  • By Boat:
  • FerryDestinationDatesClassRate
    CEB - PAL Monday, Thursday (8:00PM), Sunday (12:00PM)Economy350
    PAL - CEBTuesday, Friday (8:00AM), Sunday (10:00PM)Tourist450
    CEB - PALDaily (9:00PM) *Temporary ScheduleEconomy390
    PAL - CEBDaily (9:00AM) *Tempoorary ScheduleTourist490
    Super Shuttle
    BOG - PALDaily (12:00PM)Economy350
    PAL - BOGDaily (8:00AM)Business550
  • For more accurate schedules visit:

    Ormoc to Palompon
    • There is an hourly or every 30 mins Van for Hire trips from Ormoc City to Palompon, Leyte.
    • Rate: P120.00
    Tacloban to Palompon
    • There is an hourly or every 30 mins Van for Hire trips from Tacloban City to Palompon, Leyte.
    • Rate: P160.00
    Manila to Palompon
    • You can take flights to Tacloban City then get a Van for Hire to Palompon Leyte.
    Travel time from Palompon to Kalanggaman Island
    • By regular pump boats- 1 hour
    • By speedboat- 39 minutes
    When in Palompon
    • Once you are in Palompon, Leyte take a Tricycle ride (pot-pot)to the Tourism office.
    • Coordinate with the Palompon Ecotours Office for the scheduling of visits to Kalanggaman island then sit back and relax.
    • Something to do in Palompon Leyte.

    Kalanggaman Island Amenities:


    1. How do I go there from Allen samar? I am from albay. Thanks

    2. when you get to allen samar, you may ride a bus / van for tacloban and from there you can ride a van for hire for Palompon, Leyte

      1. why is it i am not getting any reply with the numbers im calling and txting ?

    3. Hi! Do you know what time is the last trip from Tacloban to Palompon and Palompon to Tacloban? Thank you!

    4. Hello :) I just want to ask f you would cater us (we are 3 in a group) and what would be the best route f we're from cebu :) thanks

    5. How do I get from Hilongos, Leyte? What to ride exactly from one point to the other and how much is the fare per head?

      1. if you can get to Ormoc City, there are several vans for hire going to Palompon Leyte. They leave every 20-30 minutes until 6:30pm.

    6. How to get to Kalanggaman from Banatayan?

    7. Hi! Is there a boat schedule for kalanggam to palompon? Or we can request anytime?

    8. Hi! My family's going to Kalanggaman Island on Dec 30. A few questions though:

      - can we bring our own food there?
      - how much is the boat rental (11pax or more) and is it round trip?
      - are life vests provided on the boat trip?
      - any snorkelling gear rentals there?

      Hoping for your kind response. Appreciate if you could also reply to

      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

      1. Hi,

        - can we bring our own food there? - YES
        - how much is the boat rental (11pax or more) and is it round trip? around 3000 php, yes this is round trip.
        - are life vests provided on the boat trip? - Yes
        - any snorkelling gear rentals there? - Yes, please inquire at the eco-tourism office.

    9. hi. just a reiteration of previous queries:
      what is the last trip of van for hire from tacloban-palompon and vice versa?
      and is there a last trip for the boat from palompon to kalanggaman? can we join others since we are only 4 pax, 3,000 is quite expensive. thank you.

    10. we want to go on dec 19 2016, but what if there's only 4 of us. can we still go? can we just wait in the tourism office for others to arrive? thanks

    11. Anyone interested to share the boat rent with us? We are a group of seven going to Kalanggaman island on Jan 16, 2017 for a half-day tour visit. We will be leaviong Palompon at 5AM and will leave the island at 10AM. Thanks!

    12. Are they still allowing boat from Bogo to kalanggaman?

      If I will come from Bantayan to Kalanggaman, are there other route without going to Malapascua? :)


      1. **that's without going to Palompon. ๐Ÿ˜

      2. **that's without going to Palompon. ๐Ÿ˜

    13. do you have idea if how much plane ticket? manila to tacloban. thanks

    14. How do you get to Kalanggaman Island from Bato Leyte?
      Thank you!

    15. Hi. What's the easiest route to take to get to Kalanggaman? Via Malapascua or Bogo? Will appreciate your response. Thank you!

    16. planing to go this march 27,3 person lang kami..
      any interested parties? tnx

      1. contact me at 09062078480...we are 2 person... :D

    17. My friend and i are headed to Kalanggaman this Feb 28, what's the rate if it's only 2pax for the boat ride? 3,000 seems exorbitant. Can we join other touring groups to save money?

    18. Hi how we can reserve boat to kalanggaman? Is there any reservation?

    19. Hi! I'm from Dumaguete. How to get there po? Many thanks!

    20. I'm looking for joiner any day within this month for Kalanggaman Experience to minimize pump boat expenses...
      Just PM me at 09062078480 for further negotiations...